Consuming Kinetics Dance Company presents Fall 2019 show,


St. Louis, Missouri - On October 25 to October 27, 2019, Consuming Kinetics Dance Company will debut their Fall show, The Blue Zone, at The Marcelle. Located in the Grand Center Arts District, The Marcelle features a state of the art black box theatre.

There will be four shows. October 25 at 8:00pm, October 26 at 2:00pm, October 26 at 8:00pm, and October 27 at 2:00pm. Tickets are $25 a person plus a service charge and currently on sale at Metro Tix. We highly encourage purchasing tickets early as each of the shows sell out every year.

Consuming Kinetics Dance Company is a 501c3 nonprofit professional dance company and community dance education center in St. Louis, Missouri. CKDC specializes in a diverse blend of adult drop-in classes and runs a comprehensive youth program that educates children ages 3 – 18. CKDC is committed to making dance accessible to everyone by providing scholarship opportunities to youth and adults in need. CKDC’s program welcomes all levels of dancers including beginners, at every age. CKDC’s educational program also supports the mission to create job opportunities for full time artists.

The Blue Zone will include eight dance works including our company artist and apprentices. The theme of the show is longevity and wellness. The Blue Zone is named after the parts of the world that are home to the highest concentration of the centenarians. These Blue Zones live a healthier, happier life. They surround themselves with people who support positive behaviors, move naturally, wake up with purpose each day, put less meat and more plants on their plate and put their family first. Sardinia, Italy, the islands of Okinawa, Japan, the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica and Icaria, Greece are all regions where people live the longest in the world.

Diving deep into the science of living longer and healthier, our choreographers follow the research of National Geographic Fellow and author, Dan Buettner as well as other research on these fascinating parts of the world. We believe CKDC is its own Blue Zone, right here in St. Louis and our concert reflects those values and ideas of our local artists and community partners.

“The Blue Zone celebrates CKDCs 10th season by offering us a platform to talk about the many programs and values we have shaped over the last ten years. Within our company we strive to integrate many of the cultural beliefs, values, and practices of people who live in some of the worlds Blue Zones. We hope to not only continue practicing and embracing these ways of living and being with more transparency in our communities, but to inspire our audiences to reflect on them as well.”–Arica Brown Founder, Artistic and Executive Director.



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