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0 to 100 is our annual social media fundraising game! Every year our nonprofit struggles through the holiday season as our clients have many social and family commitments that limit their time with us in the studio. 0 to 100 is a fun way to help CKDC get through our hardship months. Simply select any number still available on the game board to the left. To play, you click the button below. The amount you donate should correspond to the number on the board that you would like to play.


Your donation may reveal a prize! Winners will be noted every day on social media. Stay tuned and keep playing!


Click on the button below to make a one time donation. If you would like your donation to be credited to a specific program, please email us at info@ckdc.org or use one of our other donation links on this page.


Sustaining membership

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Become a sustaining member today! Simply click on the PayPal link below and pledge your automatic monthly contribution. Be sure to check the box that says Make this a monthly donation. (See right)

Your monthly contributions help our organization cover overhead and monthly expenses required to run our programs. Sustaining members help us reach more students by allowing us the freedom to award more scholarships. Sustaining members also help us create job opportunities for our professional artists within the organization. Thank you for your investment in the future and sustainability of Consuming Kinetics Dance Company.


Ckdc on the move

CKDC is in desperate need of a new home. We need YOUR help to sustain our legacy as a cultural education center in the Central West End of St. Louis, MO!

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Click on the image at right to find out how you can donate to CKDC via Giving Assistant. 

Shop at all the stores you love, and a portion of the proceeds will go towards CKDC!

Thank you to our 2018 corporate and Individual sponsors

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Marye Gleva and Charles Huddleston

Kristie and Shawn Harrison

Thank you to our 2018 Volunteers

Gretchen Geivett

Ellie Scott

Thank you to our 2017 corporate and Individual sponsors

Missouri Arts Council

Regional Arts Commission

Wells Fargo

Grace Snively

Janet Gretzky

Doctor Family

Marye Gleva and Charles Huddleston


Which Wich

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Billy Goat Chip Company

Dimensions Dance Center

Yoga Buzz

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Clayton Dermatology and Dr. Luciann Hruza

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Dave Moore Photography

Convergence Dance and Body Center

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The Post


Bar Italia

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Christine Moody

Dancing Fox Pictures

Mystery Mayhem Variety Troupe


Clayton Chiropractic Center

Courtney Lee Photography

Kinetic Tapestry

Ignite Theatre Company




Karlovsky and Company Dance

Madosky Chiropractic and Rehab

Dr. Nikki Stewart-Weiss, D.C., M.S.

Mary Shambro

Kimberly Abbott


0 to 100

Wait until November 2018 to play!

Play 0 to 100

Every November, CKDC launches our social media game board called 0 to 100. This game is designed to assist us through the hardship of the holidays while also giving us an opportunity to award our donors with great prizes. To play, just check our social media pages for our most up-to-date graphic and then donate the number you'd like to play from the board. For example, if you want to play piece #56, then you would donate $56 using the donate button to your left. Thank you for supporting CKDC!