Dave Moore Photography ©2016

Ju became fascinated with dancing after stumbling on a breakdancing Youtube video in 2009. He then learned the basics of breakdancing via online videos. Shortly after, Ju started college and took a break from dancing to study exercise science. Throughout college he loved applying his kinesiology and anatomy knowledge to fitness. Towards the end of his studies, he started applying his knowledge to movement and dance. As he began his last year in grad school in 2014, he joined XQUIZIT, SLU’s hip-hop dance team and performed at events on campus. He graduated from SLU in 2015 with a Master’s of Athletic Training. In 2016 Ju gained interest in contemporary dance and became an apprentice at Consuming Kinetics Dance Company. As an apprentice, he performed in two pieces for Take Root. Although Ju's dance journey has just recently begun, he is excited to learn from the talented artists at CKDC and expand his knowledge on different dance styles.