Milica Guceva | Company Apprentice

Dave Moore Photography ©2015

I always had the passion for art since I was a child. Dance was one of those artistic skills, but I was only able to take classes when I moved to Italy from Macedonia. I started when I was 11 in a small dance school in the village I used to live in, with ballet, modern, and hip hop and I haven't stopped since that moment. At first it was just for fun and it was enough for me to dance in my studio and our group performances. I studied a lot and did workshops with several national and internationaldance teachers. My first job as a dancer was during my high school summer break in a camping village summer resort with an entertainment company and I did it for the three following summers: from 2010 to 2012.
It was there that I realized I wanted to make my passion a career, so I decided to study in a musical theater academy in Turin after high school. I studied different styles with professional dancers and I took part in the academy company for shows and exhibitions. I have the most experience in contemporary, modern and tap dance. I worked as a dancer during my three academic years around Italy with a live band, in a circus, and at the Mirabilandia entertainment park.
Dance is important to me but I wasn't satisfied just with this one art form. I worked as an actress at the same time, from plays to short movies and a little bit of TV. During my academic career I became aware of the discipline of 'body expression' and it became my new favorite style. I have some experience as a body expression teacher and in teaching ballet to children. I like creating new styles, mixing technic and emotion from the heart.