Dave Moore Photography © 2016

Jack Cohen | Breaking Instructor

Jack stumbled into the hip-hop scene by chance, through the introduction a family friend. He was welcomed by some of St. Louis' b-boys, and has since grown into one of the top b-boys in the area. At first, breaking was simply something he did for fun. However, as the years passed and his passion grew, he became more and more grateful for dance's role in his life. With over ten years of experience under his belt, Jack has gained several titles, one being SlumFest’s Best Bboy of the Year. He was also chosen to represent St. Louis in the Crewsade National Bboy Battle under the footwork category. Jack is the founder of the Illest King Battle and Break Louis, and has hosted several High School Breakin’ League events. He represents Dopestylez Crew and Arch Enemies. Today he wants to spread the art of breaking to others, granting them the same opportunity he was given many years ago in joining such a diverse community of artists.