Isaiah Perry


Isaiah also, known as “Izzy” started his dance journey when he was eight years old at a studio by the name of Tammy’s Tumbling and Dance Center. At the studio he took classes in Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Tumbling and Jazz under a few different teachers, and later had the opportunity of performing in his first concert with Tammy’s and he has loved performing ever since.

In addition to his love of dance, Isaiah wanted to explore all avenues of performing, so in fifth grade, he decided to start taking classes in band. In-band he tried the Flute for a short while, but later realized he had more passion for the percussion. He played on his elementary school’s band and percussion team for a short time. When middle school hit he wanted to continue exploring in the performing arts, so in seventh grade he decided to start taking classes in Orchestra and that is where he found his love for the violin and played for 8 plus years. In high school, while still playing the violin, Isaiah wanted to dive into more of what the performing world had to offer. He decided to start taking Choir, Glee, and Acting classes and joined his high school drama club. Isaiah was featured and appeared in many of his school's musicals and plays.

Isaiah wanted to get back into dancing so he decided to try out for his church’s dance team where he rediscovered his love for dance and being apart of a dance team, he was apart of many of the performances the team had and performed with his dance team for a few years. Isaiah wanted to start taking dance classes again so he decided to start taking Adult Contemporary with Arica Brown. Isaiah joined CKDC in January of 2019 and had the opportunity of performing in his first professional piece in the company’s show Bloom choreographed by Jordan Woods and understudying in pieces choreographed by Arica Brown and Mel McCray. Isaiah is excited to continue working with the company, he is ready to see where his dance career takes him and is eager to continue growing as an Artist.