Dave Moore | Photographer

Dave is a native of St. Louis and loves all the ghost signs, warm brick walls, stunning parks, and quirky locations it has to offer. He’s based in South City, near Tower Grove Park, but also loves to jumping in the car and heading out to some of the more beautiful (but lesser-known) state and county parks that are the real hidden gems of our state.

If you need a photographer who can capture the warmth and love (or kooky energy!) of your family; or who’s willing to climb or crawl on and over just about anything to capture that perfect shot on your wedding day; or who can create engagement photos that show you being swept off your feet and into the blue sky above–he’s more than happy to oblige.

Dave has also had the privilege of working with members of the CKDC company on some of his fine art projects over the years, including a series inspired by the Greek muses, and a series of levitation photos.

(As an aside, this is the first time Dave has been able to refer to himself in third person, which was a lot of fun.)

To see more of his work, visit: