Intrinsic Program

Intrinsic not only focused on the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water but also had an underlying theme of taking care of our planet. Intrinsic was made possible by The Regional Art Commission of St. Louis,, and by our Executive Producer, Grace Snively. A press release about Intrinsic written by Elizabeth Semko, can be found by clicking this link. Thank you to our generous patrons who celebrated our last concert at The Kranzberg Arts Center with us! Thank you for helping us outgrow this space and we look forward to seeing you in the Marcelle in 2018! 

[re] define

CKDC's Spring 2017 Dance Concert, [re] define, featured pieces inspired by a variety of subjects, challenging the way we define them in life. [re] define featured the work of Artistic Director, Arica Brown, Assistant Artistic Director, Madison DeWitt, resident choreographers Sam Gaitsch and Olivia Perez and guest choreographers Lynn Bobzin and Kameron N. Saunders.

[re] define values
[re] define stereotypes
[re] define happiness
[re] define relationships
[re] define strength
[re] define purpose
[re] define tradition
[re] define boundaries

Thank you to our wonderful patrons, volunteers and sponsors for three successful, near-sold out performances! 

Take Root

CKDC's Fall 2016 Dance Concert, Take Root, explored themes of growth and progress. Take Root Featured the choreography of Artistic Director, Arica Brown joined by resident choreographers Sam Gaitsch, Kelsey Keil, Ashreale McDowell, Carly Niehaus and Olivia Perez with guest choreographers Belle Jessen and Rafael Tillery. Thank you to our wonderful patrons, volunteers and sponsors for three successful sold-out performances! 

Footholds and Foundations

CKDC's Spring 2016 Dance Concert, Footholds and Foundations, tested the cornerstones and structures of support. Footholds and Foundations featured the choreography of Artistic Director, Arica Brown joined by resident choreographers Sam Gaitsch, Kelsey Keil, Olivia Perez with guest choreographers Lynn Bobzin and Kameron Saunders. Thank you to our patrons, volunteers and sponsor for three successful near sold-out performances!

What Brings Us Here

CKDC's Fall 2015 Dance Concert, What Brings Us Here, explored personal relationships, inner growth, and how aspects of life's journey can bring us exactly where we need to be. What Brings us Here featured the choreography of Artistic Director Arica Brown joined by resident choreographers Madison DeWitt, Sam Gaitsch and Carly Niehaus with guest choreography by Kate Cleary.

A New Chapter

Another year has passed for CKDC. This year was marked by great strides toward professionalizing the company, the honor of being awarded 501c3, another research trip out west and finally, a new home by and for this organization. We took our first class in our new space this evening. I really couldn't believe that we were dancing on a floor that we built with our own hands. Our studio is beautiful; extraordinary natural light, seven foot mirrors that span the entire length of our 800 square foot dance space and go all the way to the floor, a leveling subfloor atop a finished sprung subfloor and soon to be marley on top. Our windowsills are garnished with succulents and tealight candles and we have a whole second studio next door, just waiting to be built. This could have been a scary path to take for many, but we have felt the overwhelming love and support of our clients, students, patrons and community that give us more than enough strength required to pursue our dreams and passions. We look forward to growing with you and making art together. Thank you for taking this journey with us, supporting us in our first year of being a nonprofit and for everything you continue to do as part of the CKDC dance family. I can't wait to see what beautiful things come out of this space.

With love and gratitude,


Rebranding CKDC

After returning from my research trip out west, visiting dozens of other dance companies that support their work by offering classes to the public, it was obvious to me that we needed to refine our brand. We consulted our Board of Directors to assist with this project and we are making rapid progress. We've already developed a why: we are a catalyst for life in motion, and a how: we expose artists and audiences to variations of time, space and energy through education and exhibition. Now we are in the final stages of rewriting our Mission Statement and hiring a branding artist so our new CKDC logo will be unveiled soon! We are so excited to share this next chapter with our students and sponsors. Thank you for supporting artists and believing in our company.